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Take A Positivity Challenge

Treat yourself to a positivity challenge, and each day do a little something for you. These little acts don’t need to be a big chore either. Whether it is spoiling yourself with a new plant, taking a walk through nature, writing in a journal–there are all sorts of simple ways of investing time in yourself. Get started with this schedule. 


Friday: Technology overload? Try spending most of the day with your phone off or muted, reconnect with nature by going on a walk or read a book.


Saturday: Self-care Saturday, anyone? Try a new cocktail, dance it out for five minutes, treat yourself with a new candle or plant from the Garden Shop.


Sunday: Ready to reset and refresh? Spend 10 minutes stretching. Instead of coffee, try lemon water.


Monday: What are you grateful for? Make a list. If you need a new journal, stop by the Garden Shop.


Tuesday: Share the love. Make a donation to an organization you care about. Check in with your friends and family.


Wednesday: Mid-week Meditation. Try spending 20-30 minutes meditating. Find a positive mantra and embrace it. You get extra points if you meditate in nature during sunrise or sunset.


Thursday: Check in on yourself. How are you? Did you compliment yourself today? Try saying five nice things to yourself in the mirror, or write yourself a love letter.

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