March 2020 | Desert Botanical Garden


Month: March 2020

This Week’s Blooms | Week of March 23

This Week’s Blooms | Week of March 23

We hope you have enjoyed watching this week’s featured blooms video! If you are eyeing the plants in the video and wondering what they are, well you are in luck. We have listed the plant names below.   Blanket Flower (Gaillardia pulchella) Blue Glow Aloe (Hybrid)...
Activity | Build a Bird Nest

Activity | Build a Bird Nest

It is spring, and birds everywhere are building nests to create a safe, warm place to lay eggs and raise their young. Take a moment to observe photos of nests online. What do you notice? How are they similar? How are they different? Using natural materials from your...
Transforming a Food Desert into a Food Oasis

Transforming a Food Desert into a Food Oasis

Phase 1 of Spaces of Opportunity Completed Spaces of Opportunity has been working to transform a 19-acre lot, which sat vacant for roughly 20 years, into one of the nation’s largest urban agriculture projects. Spaces’ mission is to enable all south Phoenix families to...

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