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Meditation Tips At Home

Contributing Author  |  Kerry Amann

Meditation has many benefits to health and well-being. When many spending more time at home, people can find new ways to practice meditation. While there is no one-size-fits-all tip, here are a few you can try. It’s important that you be gentle with yourself and find a practice that is your own. Try the tips at home and adjust them to fit your space and practice.


  • Wind Chimes are often used in sound meditation sessions. Whether they are specifically tune or full of overtone sounds, they can be a helpful tool to support meditation. Sit or lay comfortably under or near your wind chime, and focus on the sound it makes. Allow it to take you into your meditation. Chimes outside are wonderful when softly played by the wind. If you don’t have space outside, you can attach your chime to a ceiling fan cord. The fan will play the chime for you.
  • Birds are one of the best sound healers in nature. Open a window and sit comfortably by it. Of course you can sit outside if you have an accommodating space. Focus on taking deep breaths of the outside air. Let the air fill your lungs and the songs of the birds fill your heart. Focusing on the inward peace will help you find your place of meditation. 
Open window
  • Not all meditation is crossing your legs and letting out an “Ommmmm.” Play your favorite song while sitting on your patio or in your backyard. Meditation is all about letting your mind free itself from the constant thoughts and worries of our day. Think about how carefree you feel when your favorite song comes on. Your mind shifts into a clearer state. This certainly isn’t traditional meditation, but it can provide some of the same benefits. 
  • Water can be very meditative. Find sounds of rain or water running on YouTube. Put in your headphones, and lie back. Let your mind become free from cluttering thoughts, and the water will take you away to a beautiful state of meditation.  Water washes away the old and makes room for the new. 

As you journey through different ideas to find what works best for you, be gentle with yourself.  Keep in mind you may not feel a huge shift your first time trying a new practice. Small shifts are the beginnings to monumental changes.