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 Cactus Kids Activity Kit Available sept. 24

The Garden is excited to launch an activity kit for kids and their families to get outside and have fun in nature. Cactus Kids Activity Kit includes six different experiences with instructions in English and Spanish to some of the Garden’s most popular activities, like nature walks and hands-on explorations. The kit is  for children 7 to 12.

Members: $25
General Public: $30

    Try out this nature experience at home to get a sample of a Cactus Kids Activity Kit adventure. 


    Nest Quest


    Take your family on a walk at the Garden or a local park in your neighborhood. During the walk, look around for nests. They could be in trees, cactus or near the ground. Search high and low for different types of nests. Count how many nests you found on your walk. While looking for nests discuss why you think birds make nests. What do you notice about these nests? What do you think is important when birds are choosing items to line their nests? What type of items do they use?

    After your walk, help these feathery friends with a fun activity called nest helpers. For this activity, you will need:

    • Hole punch
    • Pencil

    1”x 8.5” strip of paper or card stock with a hole punched near the end string tied in a loop for easy hanging and a variety of soft and strong biodegradable materials cut to about 6” long.

    Some examples of biodegradable materials are raffia, yarn, straw   , craft feathers, cotton balls, shredded paper strips, cornhusk strips, paper streamers, etc.


    1. Start with the 1”x 8.5” piece of card stock or printer paper with the hole on one end and a looped string already attached.
    2. Allow child to punch at least 4 holes in the paper and no more than 8 with the hole puncher or pencil.
    3. Have child choose their favorite materials, then stuff and weave materials securely through the holes.
    4. Take your nest helper outside and find the perfect spot to hang it.

    Looking for ways to extend this activity? Below are perfect questions to inspire kids’ curiosity about birds and nests.

    1. Where will you hang your nest helper and why?
    2. Which material do you think birds will like the best?
    3. What kind of birds do you hope to attract?
    4. How will you know if your nest helper was used?



    April 17-19 Center for Desert Living Trail will be closed due to construction.
    April 20 The Garden will close at 12 p.m., last admission 10:30 a.m.
    April 20 Cactus Clubhouse will be closed.