Activity | Make Mom a Flower Crown | Desert Botanical Garden



Celebrate the moms in your life with this nature craft activity for all ages. All you need are a few craft supplies and whatever you can find in your garden or flower selection at your grocer. 


  • Printed crown template or free-hand draw your own
  • Scissors
  • Small flowers or petals
  • Double-sided sticky tape or liquid glue


If you haven’t drawn your own crown, download your choice of one of the two crown templates below by holding and clicking, right clicking or clicking and dragging. Print two of the templates on 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper.

Cut out the printed crown templates along the outer edges, and glue or tape the two templates together where indicated. Most heads will require two 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper taped or glued together. Measure the crown around mom’s head, and cut to fit, leaving at least an extra inch to attach and secure later.

Collect your flowers. Sustainably picking flowers from your yard or purchasing a small bouquet is recommended. If you have larger flowers like roses or carnations, pick apart and use the petals instead.

Plan your design, and get creative. What do you think mom will like? Which flower do you think should be the centerpiece? Arrange the flowers along the paper crown until you are satisfied with the placement.

Place glue or double-sided sticky tape along the areas your flowers will be. Set each flower in place, and press firmly to adhere.

When finished, loop the crown together and glue or tape in place. Bestow the crown on top of Mom’s head, and treat her like a queen on her special day.

Extension: Ready for more? Children can create their own matching crowns or design and create another personalized flower crown for another maternal figure that is important to them.


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