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Do you know how much water is used and wasted with residential irrigation systems?

  • 70% of potable (drinking) water is used to water landscapes.
  • 50% of water is wasted caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems.
  • 100 billion gallons in water can be saved by not over watering lawns and landscapes.

Water is a limited resource in the desert and is a vital part of the ecosystem. The role of water in a sustainable garden is to limit the landscape use of potable water. As a gardener, you can lead water conservation efforts and sustain water supplies by implementing and promoting proper irrigation strategies.


Here are the six changes you can take to make a difference:

  1. Install a smart irrigation controller
  2. Install a drip irrigation system when applicable
  3. Use native and desert-adapted plants in your landscape palette
  4. Harvest rain water for landscape use
  5. Change the watering schedule on your controller by season
  6. Fix and maintain your irrigation system on a regular schedule

Applying the correct amount of water to your desert plants is key to having a sustainable landscape. Overwatering is a common mistake and can lead to other problems for your plants. Using the correct irrigation method will help you deliver the appropriate amount of water while minimizing waste and allowing your plants to flourish.

How and when should I water my desert plants?

Visit desertlandscapeschool.org/  to access complimentary watering videos from Desert Landscape School. Full and introductory courses are also available to help you choose the correct irrigation method and plant palette for a gorgeous low-water landscape. Registration opens March 11.

 What kind of plants are best for my garden?

How about prickly pears or milkweeds from the Garden Signature plant line? The Garden uses Garden plant material to propagate these plants that thrive with full sun and low- water. A perfect addition for your sustainable garden. The Garden Shop has a limited number available for purchase, please visit or contact us at desertbotanicalstore@eventnetwork.com

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