LatinX Heritage Month | Desert Botanical Garden


The Garden is excited to share with you more in-depth stories about our plants, people and programs that are rooted in Latinx stories. Follow the Garden on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as we highlight our diverse staff and plants during Latinx Heritage Month now through Oct. 15. Don’t forget to check out our new Your Garden at Home blog in Spanish.

Come celebrate Latinx Heritage Month at the Garden. Now through October, the Garden will have special signage on some plants to celebrate the country where they are native. The plants below are listed with their common English name, scientific name, native country and their Spanish common name.


  • Toothpick Cactus | Cardón Moro  | Stetsonia coryne | Argentina
  • Garambuyo | Garambullo  |  Myrtillocactus geometrizans | Mexico
  • Maguey Pulquero | Agave salmiana | Mexico | Maguey Pulquero
  • Algarrobo Tree | Algarrobo Negro  | Prosopis nigra | Chile
  • Peruvian Apple | Reina de la Noche Sudamericana  |  Cereus hildmannianus | Brazil
  • Carribean Agave |  Maguey Espadín |  Agave vivipara | Carribean
  • Cuban Hemp |  Cabuya (maguey) |  Furcraea hexapetala | Cuba
  • Agave | Maguey Tobalá   |  Agave seemanniana  | Costa Rica
Caribbean Agave 2

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