Garden Gallery Showcase Recap | Desert Botanical Garden


More than 50 fellow Patrons Circle, Garden Fund and special donors joined in the Garden Gallery Showcase–a virtual gathering to celebrate the desert through hundreds of submissions and a few chosen winners. Please enjoy the results, video and recipe below.

Our staff judges were impressed by the quality and variety of the photos. Congratulations to the following winners:

1. Most Interesting Overall 

Winner: Patrick Hanson | Sunrise at the Oasis

The sunrise photo has two predominant plant types:

In the background, the trees are cottonwood (Populus fremontii)
In the foreground, those are cattail (Typha domingensis)

2. Best Representation of Desert Garden
Winner: Jane Barlow | Desert Garden Rainbows


3. Best Wildlife Picture
Winner: Leslie Dashew
1) Saguaro cactus (Carnegia gigantea)
2) Female Anna’s hummingbird (Calypte anna)
3) Honeybees (Apis mellifera)

4. Most Interesting Plant Specimen
Winner: Les Longino
Golden Torch Cactus (Echinopsis spachiana)

5. Favorite Part or Plant of the Garden
Winner: Lenni Griego
Lenni’s wonderful granddaughter, Eliza, took this photo. This was taken during Dale Chihuly’s exhibition from 2013-2014, Chihuly in the Garden.

Winners will receive lunch at Gertrude’s Restaurant and a Garden specimen cutting generously underwritten by event chair and Trustee Jane Jozoff.

View the full showcase and access recipes created by Gertrude’s Restaurant to recreate the experience below.

Thank you to the event committee for making this a successful virtual event!

Event chair: Jane Jozoff

Event committee: Rebecca Ailes-Fine, Jason Barlow, Shelley Cohn, Martha Hunter Henderson, and Rose Papp

 Additional thanks to The Phoenix Symphony for donating the music featured in the video.

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