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Try Your Hand at Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping This Year  

Every holiday season, 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away. Not to mention the tape, tags and ribbon that are an additional strain on the environment as well. One simple way to reduce your waste this holiday is getting creative and making your own eco-friendly gift wrap. 

Here are a few suggestions for eco-friendly wrapping: 

  • Newspaper
  • Trader Joe’s shopping bags or other paper bags
  • Cut out shapes from cereal or other food boxes
  • Maps
  • Old calendars
  • Fabric

Add Some Flair 

Utilize natural materials for decoration on your gifts i.e. a sprig of rosemary instead of a bow to add a pop. Go for some recyclable twine or paper ribbon to decorate. You could also re-use string or ribbon from gifts you’ve received previously.

Instead of a nametag, upcycle last year’s holiday cards and turn them into tags. The whole family can join in on the fun by adding potato stamps to decorate the paper and add a personal touch.
Eco Gift Wrap
Eco Gift Wrap
Potato Stamp