Creating Messages in Nature | Desert Botanical Garden


Have you ever used something other than a pen or pencil to write with? Like a stick or finger to write something in sand? Using nature to write messages can be a fun and environmentally friendly way to connect with others. April is also poetry month so it’s a cool way to celebrate the poet in all of us. Playing with words and letters in nature can be an especially great way to promote the development of literacy in our youngest learners.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day and Poetry month as we guide you through this accessible and affordable experience in nature.

Try this cool activity the next time you’re outdoors. All you need is a little creativity and a message you would like to share. Gather rocks, leaves, twigs, use any natural materials that are available to you. It’s preferable to find materials that are already on the ground instead of breaking something off from a plant. Then think of a word or a symbol you’d like to make. How can you use the materials you gathered to share your message? For instance, a pine cone can represent the letter “O”. Sticks can be arranged to make letters of your choice. Use your imagination to help you get your message across. Then arrange your message in an area where someone will find it.  Most importantly, have fun. 

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