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Spending time in nature is a perfect way to relax and stay grounded, especially during the holiday season. Consider the following nature collage mandala activity to unwind. Mandalas are circular structures with patterns surrounding the center. While on an outdoor walk, look for colors, patterns and symmetry in natural objects to inspire your own mandala. Flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, tree rings and spider webs often showcase beautiful natural mandalas. Bring a bag or collection container along with you to collect a variety of natural objects to use in your creation.

Desert Nature Pattern
Desert Nature Pattern
Desert Nature Pattern
Desert Nature Pattern
Desert Nature Pattern
Desert Nature Pattern

After your walk, follow the steps below for a fun family activity.


  • Leaves, flowers, twigs, rocks, dirt, seed pods or any natural objects
  • Bag to collect natural objects
  • String or hula-hoop to make a circle-optional


  1. Collect natural objects on a nature walk
  2. Place a string in a circle or hula hoop on the ground (optional, only if you want to make the ‘perfect circle’
  3. Start from the center and work toward the edges while making a pattern
  4. Take a picture of your natural collage/mandala and tag the Garden @dbgphx.


Create a holiday centerpiece!

Complete the previous steps but place on a paper plate and glue pieces to it instead of using a string for a circle or hula-hoop.

Desert nature mandala
Desert nature mandala
Desert nature mandala

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