Activity | DIY Father's Day Card | Desert Botanical Garden


Want to make a card for Dad he will cherish? Before you start this activity, you will need to find an assortment of different leaves. Take a short walk around your neighborhood and find at least three different types of leaves.  After your walk, gather these materials: notecard, paper, paper plate, different types of tempera paint, brush, drop cloth and your leaves. 

1.  To start lay out your drop cloth on the ground. This cloth can be anything you don’t mind getting messy. 
2. Next, put your different leaves on the paper on top of the cloth.
3. Have your child write Happy Father’s Day on the card if they are able too. 
4. Put a small amount of each different type of paint on the paper plate.
5. With your brush, paint the leaves with the different colors of tempera paint. 
6. After one side of the leave is painted, get your note card and gently press the painted side on to the paper. Make sure that the leaf is completely stamped on the paper. If doing this in the sun make sure to not let the leaves sit too long on the paper or they will be stuck to it.
7. Once the leaf is stamped on the paper gently, peel it away. 
8. Repeat the last two steps with all of the leaves. 
9. After you have stamped all of your leaves, let it dry for about 15 t0 30 minutes.

Now you have a special Father’s Day card!