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Garden research is highlighting the importance of native plants for conservation of ecosystems and many types of animals, including pollinators. However, there is a lack of native plant material available for building habitat–from small backyard projects to large projects on public lands. As part of Great Milkweed Grow Out, the Garden’s monarch butterfly and pollinator conservation initiative, Garden staff have developed a propagation program for native milkweeds and plants important to pollinators. Using wild-collected seed, staff is researching propagation methods both to improve current protocols and bring native species into cultivation. Plants are donated to local groups for restoration and some are sold at the Garden’s Plant Sales or at the Garden Shop.


Asclepias Asperula Seedlings

Asclepias asperula Seedlings

Asclepias Angustifolia Seedlings

Asclepias angustifolia Seedlings

Acourtia Wrightii Seedling

Acourtia wrightii Seedling

Asclepias Albicans Seedlings

Asclepias albicans Seedlings

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