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During Desert Botanical Garden’s temporary closure, 21 horticulture staff are hard at work, ensuring the plants and trails are as beautiful and cared for as ever. Take a peek behind the scenes to see how staff are accomplishing this.


What does is take to maintain the Garden now compared to a normal day?

We are currently working a full 40-hour week, five days per week. We have instituted a number of social distancing and safety practices in collaboration with our safety and security team to create an environment where everyone feels safe and supported to still do their work and not feel they are being put at risk. The plant care team is made up of horticulture staff, including directors and assistant directors along with members of the living collections team. We do have plans in place in case we need to move to a reduced or rotating schedule.


What have you observed while the Garden is quiet in regard to its displays and trails?
It has been an unbelievably gorgeous spring with the blooms and color in full force. It has been striking and I wish we had been able to show it off in person, but I am so happy we can give Desert Botanical Garden virtual tours and that people are loving it. I am also seeing more animals on the trails. I think they feel empowered by the lack of human interference, so they may be planning a takeover. One of my favorite walks in the morning is through the Desert Terrace or what I am calling the “Bee Tunnel.” The amount of buzzing is mesmerizing in the palo verde trees, and all those yellow flowers against the blue sky–perfection. In addition, we (the staff) are becoming so accustomed to working solo, that we are starting to scare each other when we encounter someone on the trail. There have been a number of screams and startles followed with a lot of laughing.


What is your wish for the Garden on this Earth Day?

For the Garden to always be here in all its glory and magnificence so everyone can be immersed in the nature of the desert. And that the ground squirrels don’t get too uppity.


Make Your Wishes Come True:

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