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If you can’t hit the open road to venture to a campground, you can still enjoy a camping experience with your family from your own yard or living room. A campout is a great way for children to combine imaginative play and engineering skills to create their own tent and build amenities. If you have a traditional camping tent at home, you can set that up as a family instead of building a fort from scratch. Once your fort is complete, enjoy camping treats and games for a fun themed evening.

Materials to build your own fort:

  • Sheets and blankets
  • String or thin rope
  • Rocks or other weights
  • Sticks or other building parts
  • Traditional camping tent (optional)
  • Printed Cactus Clubhouse sign (optional)


Pitch a Tent
First, choose a suitable spot to set up your fort or tent. If you are building your own from scratch, it is helpful to use large, preexisting structures for support, such as the back of a couch, table and chairs, a wall or large tree. Drape sheets and blankets over the framework of your fort and secure in place with weights or tied string or rope for a cozy atmosphere. Print out and post the Cactus Clubhouse sign to your shelter or design your own.

Make A Campfire Snack
You can’t have a campout without the proper snacks. Food always brings people together and the right snack can really set the tone for an authentic camping experience. Munch on trail mix, popcorn, and of course, s’mores.

Play Some Games
Choose games that require little or no set up. Shadow puppet plays, popcorn-style storytelling, charades and 20 questions are all classics that the whole family will enjoy late into the evening.

Printable Cactus Clubhouse Sign:

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