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You may be  familiar with the five C’s of Arizona: citrus, cotton, climate, cattle and copper. European settlers brought citrus with them to the Americas with their arrival. It eventually became an important part of the economic development of Arizona. Today, citrus grows in abundance in the arid, dry, desert climate–you may even have it in your yard or neighborhood. Did you also know that citrus is a type of berry with a tough rind? Citrus fruit is believed to help slow the aging process through high levels of antioxidants. Oranges, clementine’s or satsusmas will not ripen over time because they don’t have any starch reserves and need to stay on the plant until they are edible.

A fun activity to try with the whole family is citrus stamping. This activity is super simple and only requires paint and your choice of citrus, like a lemon or orange we well as some paper. This is also a great way to repurpose that citrus that may have sat out too long.  

Follow these simple steps to create your citrus prints: 

  1. First, cut your citrus fruit in half to expose the inside.
  2. Then, put some paint on a plate or other flat surface.
  3. Next, lightly press the citrus flesh side into the paint.
  4. Now, stamp the citrus fruit onto your paper.
  5. Your dried citrus prints can now be used as greeting cards, gift wrap or bookmarks.

There are all kinds of ways to use these colorful prints. Show us how you decided to use your citrus paper by tagging @dbgphx on social media.

Stamping with Citrus

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