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Challie Facemire

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance Program Director

I manage the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA) program at Desert Botanical Garden. CAZCA is an alliance of partners that are committed to protecting the open spaces in central Arizona. For more information about CAZCA, visit here. I serve as a convenor for the CAZCA steering committee and partners, and help to plan events, projects and programs. I am passionate about conservation, and through my Ph.D. program became interested in how collaborative conservation can be leveraged to accomplish large-scale conservation programs and goals. My Ph.D. research focused on how laws and policies for land management can create boundaries on landscapes (disrupting systems like species migrations) and how land managers ameliorate these challenges through actions like collaborative conservation. 

Research Interest

  • Collaborative conservation
  • Law and policy impacts on large-scale land management
  • Cross-boundary ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and management

Select Publications 

Facemire, Challie. “Parceling the Wild: Stewardship and Conservation in the 21st Century National Wilderness Preservation System.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Arizona State University. ProQuest, 2022.  

Facemire, Challie and Karen Bradshaw: “Biodiversity Loss, Viewed through the Lens of Mis-matched Property Rights.” International Journal of the Commons 14, no. 1 (2020): 650-661. 

Facemire, Challie. “Leveraging Stakeholders to Cover Budgetary Shortfalls in U.S. National Parks: Lessons from the 2018-2019 Government Shutdown and Joshua Tree National Park.” Case Studies in the Environment 4, no. 1 (2020): 1-8.