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Cocoon at Desert Botanical Garden
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Cocoon | A Space for Garden Play

DATE: April 6, 2019 - May 12, 2019
TIME: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
PRICE: Free with admission or membership.

Let your imagination run wild! Desert Botanical Garden is excited to launch Cocoon, a place for garden play where young visitors and the young at heart can build, create and explore in a brand new hands-on space.

Activities include:

  • Dress up like an animal and BUILD yourself a new home. Sticks, rocks, and branches are building supplies to make a nest or burrow.
  • Leave your artistic mark. CREATE a musical melody with found and natural objects on the sound wall or contribute to a tapestry by weaving leaves, flowers, twigs and more.
  • Use your senses and tools from scientists to EXPLORE the natural world. Each day brings a new discovery.
Specialty Programming: 
Bubble Bonanza
Saturday, April 20
Can you catch a bubble? What about sticking your hand in one without it popping? Measure and mix ingredients to make your own bubble solution and experiment with the properties of bubbles to push physics to the limit. Enjoy our new learning space as it transforms into a bubble bonanza of fun, creativity and science.
Paint and Play
Saturday, May 4 
Get creative and paint a garden-inspired masterpiece. Children use assorted natural materials, tools and brushes to print, smear, stamp, and spread their vision onto canvas. Immerse yourself into our nature play learning space to indulge in the full experience.
Cocoon will be included with general admission to the Garden. Before or after a Cocoon visit, make sure you check out the Garden’s Spring Butterfly Exhibit.

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