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Annia Quiroz

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA) Engagement Coordinator

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University of Colorado - Boulder 2015


Phone: 480.481.8187


During my time in Boulder, CO, I discovered my deep interest for environmental communication & storytelling, conservation, science, and community. Fast-forward a few years; I was fortunate to be able to join the ranks at DBG to pursue these exact passions. A native to the heat of the Sonoran Desert, I could not have asked for a better place to work on finding these connections and stories.

Here, as part of the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA), I work to empower and mobilize CAZCA partners, community members, and decision-makers to protect, restore, and steward Sonoran Desert parks, preserves, and natural areas in the Maricopa County region.

Mainly, I help conduct strategic programs, activities, and marketing efforts designed to create understanding of and support for Sonoran Desert conservation and the implementation of the Alliance’s Regional Open Space Strategy (ROSS). I help plan and execute program activities and events such as, the Community of Practice Series activities, Citizen Science projects (including the floristic inventories and invasive species mapping), and Community Service Days. I also support the Alliance’s efforts through website updates and social media campaigns. Follow the Conservation Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

On-site programming is currently on hiatus.

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