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Saguaro You Today?


By: Tom Gatz, Garden Docent and Horticulture Aide

There is a bumper sticker greeting you will find in All About Saguaros, the title of an Arizona Highways book by Leo W. Banks, published in 2008 and available in the Desert Botanical Garden gift shop. Here is just a sampling of the information in this helpful book:
saguaro you today_2.jpg

saguaro you today_5.jpgThe author also mentions that the tallest species of cactus in the world may not be the saguaro (53 feet), nor the cardon (65 feet), but is possibly the up to 82-foot-tall Pachycereus grandis, a close relative of the cardon found in central Mexico. However, several columnar cactus authorities have questioned whether P. grandis actually gets this tall.

And the next time my wife Barbara asks me if I’m asleep, I’ll reply, “No I’m just Sonoran.”

Thanks to Dr. Joe McAuliffe, Judi Irons, Matt Johnson, and Tina Wilson for reviewing earlier drafts of this article. Reprinted with permission from The Gatherings, the volunteer newsletter of the Desert Botanical Garden.

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